preservation is a collaboration WITH drummer/composer Tommy Crane that immerses the viewer in the mysteries of the natural world.

In her experimental film and photography, Maurice creates a world of impressionistic vignettes using dance and dark field microscopy to investigate themes of connection, transformation, and reoccurring patterns found in nature. Drawing from Crane's background in jazz and improvisational music, the original music mirrors the film, using analog synthesizers and sampling to create dynamic, ambient soundscapes that center around live drumming. The film and LP of Crane’s score will be released with a bookwork that is in collaboration with graphic designer Frédérique Gagnon and singer-songwriter, Juliana Daugherty, who contributes an inspiring collection of original poetry. The project will be released in it's entirety on November 1st, 2019.


formations is a short experimental film & photo series that is a meditation on the movement and growth of sodium acetate crystals & bubbles in water.